Camino del Norte

I walked the Camino del Norte from Irun to Villaviciosa in June/July 2015, blogging nearly every day. Those posts start here:

“Like a Rolling Stone”; Day One on the Camino del Norte, Irun to San Sebastián, 27.6 km

In August 2016 I continued on the Norte, walking from just past Aviles to (nearly!) Santiago. You can find those posts here:

Somewhere in Spain, Walking and Coughing; the first 2 days on the Camino del Norte (Salinas to Cadavedo)

I’ve also written a few other posts that could be helpful to those planning a Camino on this northern route:

Camino Frances vs Camino del Norte: which is “better”?

My favorite albergues on the Camino del Norte